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VMC: solutions for compressors in the construction sector

VMC is a reliable partner in the construction industry

Construction is a sector that requires a wide range of applications that satisfy the vast range that characterizes this field.

VMC, worldwide leader in valve and air-end systems development for compressors, guarantees the right performances to work in the most efficient way possible. For this reason the most well-performing companies in the building industry use machines and equipment fitted with VMC technology. The aim is to work with high quality products that allow professionals to achieve high-level performances with the minimum effort.

Moreover VMC makes available to customers its technical of its products, one of VMC’s strengths is to be next to its Clients becoming a strategic partner.


Compressed air plays an important part in the work phases that require considerable amounts of pneumatic Energy, such as traditional floor-screed conveyors in pumping self-levelling screed mixed on site.

In these specific building sectors it is of paramount importance to have autonomy in each working phase and to operate with compact and easy-to-handle equipment. Furthermore, when transport is more comfortable, one can easily reach the most difficult areas. Besides VMC solutions allow to carry out with extreme accuracy and in short times even jobs that otherwise would imply very long periods of time and uncertain results.

VMC has the right answer for screed companies

VMC screw compressor elements  play a crucial part in floor-laying and floor-screed conveying. Compressors are incorporated in automatic floor-screed conveyors for direct operation and is a standard element fitted on the machine.

There are different types of floor-screed, you can pump a pre-mixed traditional floor-screed or mixed directly on site (self-leveling screed) made of anhydrite or cement.


From a technical point of view, in order to move the mixed materials (sand, binder and water) that needs “pumping”, compressed air is the ideal medium.


For traditional floor-screeds it is possible to have different dosages and lay different types of binders, additives, fibres and inert material with different grain sizes, but the common element is always compressed air.

Screw compressor technology is a reliable and functional asset for these fields of application and VMC is the perfect partner to meet the specific needs of professionals.