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Our headquarters in VICENZA - ITALY

VMC has given life to a new site hosting its Italian Headquarters in Creazzo (Vicenza). This space has been conceived with a sober design, complying with principles of rationality, functionality and environmental sustainability.

Inside it, you can find all the company departments placed in a way that allows VMC's employees the possibility of carrying out their work most comfortably.

The Research & Development department represents its core business.

Special attention is paid to this Department during a project and its realization phase. Similarly, production spaces are rational and conceived to guarantee quality, efficiency and productivity.

Only a few machinings are outsourced. Under these circumstances, does VMC exclusively entrust a network of certified sub-suppliers. They are located within a few kilometers so as to foster a steady dialogue and control between customers and VMC.

  • New spaces for innovation
  • In-company production
  • A first-rate network of suppliers/partners