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From April 4th to April 8th VMC will be exhibiting in the section COMVAC - Pav. 26/Stand D67

VMC participates in this international appointment with new solutions and a completely refurbished stand. Designed to welcome visitors, the latter gives them the opportunity to know more about compressed air, from engineering to manufacturing.

VMC (Pav. 26, stand D67) will present:

NEW TOTAL-FILTERING VALVES: a perfect interchangeability. These new thermostatic total-filtering valves are made from cast. Captivating design, better performance and possibility of counting on a pressure drop system for filter replacement guaranteeing an excellent product in the new-born thermostatic valve generation.

NEW MINIMUM PRESSURE VALVES: Interchangeability meets the optimization of fluid dynamics. New minimum pressure valves, whose design has been devised to achieve high performances. G25, G35 and G45 are fully replaceable with G26, G36 and G46

NEW VALVES: For these valves, cast technology has been applied too. A complete interchangeability with previous VT25, VT35, VTS45 and VTS55 is ensured.

NEW COMBINATION BLOCKS: The combination block series gets wider thanks to the integration of VTFT47 and VD2M40 from which VTD2M45 engenders. Power range: up to 75KW. This series is also implemented with the new model VTD3M50. Power range: from 75 to 90KW