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5 application fields for screw compressors

Screw compressor technology is becoming widespread in sectors in which until not long ago traditional systems were employed.

Screw compressor technology is becoming widespread in sectors in which until not long ago traditional systems were employed.

Distinctive traits of this kind of product are its high level of efficiency, versatility, low noise levels and capacity of operating in heavy duty cycle.

The market fields in which this type of product is finding fertile ground are for example:

  1. Optical fiber optic cable installation
  2. Outdoor sports equipment cleaning and maintenance
  3. Plastic tube welding
  4. Ice-blasting
  5. Airlift pumps and Venturi pumps


  1. Optical fiber installation

Fiber optic cable installation is generally carried out by inserting the cable in an inner duct, that provides protection from external agents. Usually the duct is made of plastic but it can also be of cement, steel, or other material.

Since optic fiber is sensitive to excessive forces such as bending, pressing or pulling, you have to pay attention to avoid damaging the cable during installation.

There are two main installation methods: pushing and compressed air jetting.

Compressed air jetting is suitable for lengths over 1,000 meters. As opposed to the pushing method, it doesn’t require specific equipment and there’s no need for having people working on both ends. Furthermore the risk of damaging the fiber is very low.

Therefore compressed air jetting is the most used method, as it guarantees a high level of efficiency in installation, particularly with longer tubes, full of bends and turns. The jetting system in fact allows saving workforce and installation time.


  1. Outdoor sports gear cleaning

Stores specialized in sports equipment are increasingly taking care also of maintenance and cleaning of products. Any solution that helps keeping up with daily duties without increasing costs is always welcome. So screw compressors can be a very handy tool for professionals of this field, as an ideal cleaning and maintenance device, for specific products.


  1. Non-metallic material tube installation and replacement

For companies specialized in installing tubes for gas and oil pipelines, compressed air represents a precious resource, that helps cut energy demands and the number of people employed in specific functions.

Screw compressors have gained an important role in tube welding in recent years. Companies that are specialized in high-density polyethylene tubes rely on compressed are to weld tube sections to each other, using equipment designed in order to make tubes pass inside them.

Thanks to compressed air, underground tube installation operations can be carried out more quickly and efficiently.

Screw compressors are employed also in tube replacement, with the “pipe bursting” technique, that consists in inserting a new tube section inside one that needs to be replaced, which is broken up after being replaced.


  1. Dry ice-blasting

Dry ice blasting is an effective, non-abrasive and eco-friendly method. It consists in using small pellets of dry ice that are accelerated with a compressed air jet. This generated a steam jet of dry ice (carbon dioxide) that can be used to clean and disinfect most surfaces.

Balconies, parapets  and wooden hardware, are elements that need to be handled with great care, even during cleaning phases. You can use a screw compressor to clean surfaces that need to be varnished, with no risk of causing scouring or leaving the surface wet. In fact, dirt contracts and comes off the surface, since dry ice turns into gas straight away in a process of sublimation.


  1. Airlift pumps and Venturi pumps


An Airlift pump is a type of pump that has low suction of liquids and entrained solids, by means of injection of compressed air in the emission tube, which is immersed in the liquid.

The air has a lower density than the liquid to it rises quickly. This type of pump is often used in deep dirty wells as well as wastewater treatment plants and for aquaculture, dredging, underwater archeology, rescue operations and for collecting scientific specimen

An air-ejector is based on the Venturi effect and is made up by a tube, that narrows in the middle and in which compressed air is injected. Where the tube narrows the fluid’s pressure is lower while speed increases. It is an easily transportable and noise-free solution – there are no mechanical parts in fact – that can be with screw compressor technology.

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