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Aftermarket: VMC maintenance kits at your service

Effective and competent answers for the compressor market

VMC is a company that always aims to provide effective and competent answers – particularly in the post-purchase phase, in which the experience and professionalism of a valid partner are more and more valued.



This is why VMC designs  and provides complete technical documentation in order to meet the needs of its clients, both among technical assistance centers and OEMs.

For every spare parts kit, VMC provides one or more “under-kits”, that can be ordered separately, according to the type of maintenance one has to carry out.


This allows users to reduce costs, as they can purchase only what they really need.



Example, let’s say you have to carry out the standard maintenance of an intake valve. You can choose the complete spare parts kit, or the specific “under-kit” to replace only the worn out parts. You might in fact not need the whole kit, but just the body spare part “under-kit”, or the sole control unit block spare part kit.



Doing regular maintenance helps prevent failure of components, that could reduce your compressor's efficiency or, in case of critical components, could cause machine downtime and consequent loss of productivity.


Compressor maintenance carried out with genuine VMC kits and under-kits, allows to extend the life-cycle of your compressor.





Kits and under-kits for all sorts of solutions

For each of our products and product families, we design and provide specific kits and under-kits.

Here’s a list of available kits (please note that the list is non-exhaustive and may not include all types of kits).


(for more details you can contact us through our Support forms)

Product family

Spare parts kit

"Under kit" (if available)

Intake valves


Body spare parts kit;

Control Unit block spare parts kit


Combination blocks


MPV spare parts kit;

Thermostatic valve spare parts kit;

Nipples spare parts kit;

O-ring kit


Screw air ends


Bearings spare parts kit;

Shaft-seal spare parts kit



MPV spare parts kit;

Thermostatic valve spare parts kit;

Nipples spare parts kit;

O-ring kit

Airend spare parts kit

Intake valve spare parts kit