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Integrated system - PACK SMART/60

Pack Smart changes looks and turns to a modern design

Reviewed in its shape but not in its concept, the New Pack Smart/60 differs from its predecessor for two essential aspects: 

  1. The flanged unit on the tank, containing the Minimum Pressure Valve and the Thermostatic valve, has been redesigned to offer more advantages:
      • versatility of the model with the newPack Smart/75;
      • more comfortable position of the valves. Above all in terms of fast and effective maintenance;
      • tubes connected to radiator more easily and with reduced amount of space;
      • The same unit may be used singularly. 
  2. Modified tank to make space for the new UNIT. Taking advantage of these changes the location for the safety valve and the oil level viewer have been designed both on the left side and on the right side of the tank.



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