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Pack Smart V150C

VMC presents PACK SMART V150C, up to 100 hP of power and efficiency

VMC expresses all of its design and problem-solving skills with the innovative qualities of the PACK SMART Series. A flexible, functional and financially viable solution that benefits customers by guaranteeing high-level performances and a low environmental impact in comparison with traditional systems.


Among the models of the PACK SMART series that we develop there is the V150C one – an ideal compressor for all the industrial and professional sectors that demand considerable amounts of energy, like construction and building and in which energy saving and a low environmental impact are also a priority.

V150C, like all the other PACK SMART products, is available for gas and natural gas applications.


The main features of Pack Smart V150C are:


  • Power: from 50 up to 100 hp (37-75 kW).
  • Air Capacity: in terms of air yielded is between 92 and 459 cfm (2,6 – 13 m3/min)
  • Oil- injected quantity: 75/105 l/min.
  • Max Main Rotor Speed: 5600 rpm
  • working pressure: 13 bar
  • working pressure: 5 bar


Coupling: available either in belt (Pack Smart V150C-B) or gear (Pack Smart V150C-G) versions.


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