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Pruning Machine

Lightweight and compact machinery for agricultural and forestry professionals with VMC's Pack Smart

Screw compressors are perfect for powering pruners, pole pruners, pneumatic combs, motor compressors, even for professional use.
For every need of use, VMC offers the ideal solution: Pack Smart, a universal range of products for each specific customer request.
With Pack Smart, assembly is quick and easy, and thanks to its extreme compactness, it is able to minimize the size and weight of the machine itself.
Advantages do not end there: in fact, thanks to the technology of the VMC Pack Smart, maintenance costs are also contained because all components to be maintained are located in the right position for easy and quick replacement in case of need.
Pruning professionals increasingly prefer to use machines with VMC integrated systems for their work because these machines can give guarantees of speed, precision and complete safety.