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Construction industry: VMC, your ideal partner for shotcrete solutions

VMC is a very reliable partner for the realization of perfect solutions in construction sector.

The use of VMC technology screw compressors plays a key role: for instance, it meets the needs of shotcrete technology - the spraying of concrete - used in repairs and in new buildings.

In order for concrete to be projected at high speed onto the support surface, it is necessary to ensure a continuous, clean and dry air supply.

Peculiar characteristic of unique VMC modular integrated system which includes all the main parts is Pack Smart.

Indeed Pack Smart is able to provide adequate and constant air demand of which these equipment need for excellent spraying.

As a matter of fact, the strength of this spraying action leads to the compacting of concrete or mortar which forms the various layers, up to the required thickness.

Thanks to Pack Smart excellent performance, considerable working times decrease is achieved and therefore, a lower consumption, with greater efficiency in the conducted activity.