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Spare part kits for the Maintenance of Your compressor

VMC provides a wide range of maintenance kits for screw compressors

It is widely known that rotary screw compressors are extremely efficient machines. But they are also complex ones, and regular preventive maintenance is vital to ensure efficiency and a long life cycle.

One of VMC’s strengths has always been that we control every phase of the life of our products, from design to post-sales service. VMC offers spare part maintenance kits, aimed at meeting the real needs of the maintenance worker for different types of preventive maintenance.

Has it ever happened to you to have a spare parts kit in your hands, composed by elements that are so similar between each other (for example “o-ring” gaskets) that you ask yourself where each of them has to be located, even though you have the user guide?

According to our experience, with users operating in several sectors, we have learned that these situations occur daily.

For this reason, we had the idea of offering clients not only full maintenance kits, but also “specific sub-kits”, dedicated to different kinds of maintenance operations. For example, for intake valves, as well as the complete maintenance kit, VMC offers two “sub-kits”: a spare parts kit for the valve body and one for the control block.

In this way, VMC makes maintenance easier and more intuitive for all sorts of operators, from expert technicians to occasional users, as well as optimizing spare parts management, by reducing to a minimum their costs.

For more details about kits and under-kits click on the link: https://www.vmcitaly.com/en/news/news_detail-art-aftermarket_i_kit_di_manutenzione_di_vmc_al_vostro_servizio-articolo-125.html