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Turf Care for golf courses and other sports

Why should you be using compressed air.

Compressed air plays an important part in many application fields.

One of these is turf care and maintenance in golf courses, football and soccer pitches and other sports areas. It is widely known that in order to have pristine turf you need accurate maintenance and proper aeration not only in the surface but also in the deeper layers (closer to the roots). This issue is particularly significant for professionals of this field.


If you want a soil in perfect conditions it shouldn’t be excessively compact and it should be aerated regularly. Therefore professionals are increasingly using air compressors to do this.- As opposed to traditional methods (e.g. logging instruments with blades), injected compressed air penetrates more in depth in the soil, without altering the turf surface and without causing soil liftings and it generally contributes to improving the drainage of water (from irrigation or rain).


The benefits of using injected compressed air in the layers of the subsoil are numerous: increased porosity, reduced soil compaction, increased gas exchange, improved drainage and better root growth.


Some of the companies that make machinery for turf care have relied on our longstanding expertise, using our solutions such as Pack Smart V60 and V75. They offer better performances not just in terms of FAD but they’re also lighter, more compact and quieter compared to traditional reciprocating compressors.


The  Pack Smart integrated system includes all the main components of a screw compressor: minimum pressure valve, intake valve, thermostatic valve, air-end and combination block. A user-friendly solution, super compact, scalable and with an excellent level of oil-separation, that guarantees high-level performances.

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