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VMC's expertise for bike cleaning

Packsmart by VMC, the beating heart of the new bike cleaning technology

If you’re a cyclist or if you work in the bike industry, the arrival of Spring might mean that's time to start riding - and cleaning - your bikes.

Recent studies show that there is an increasing tendency to use a bike as a means of transport even for commuting as well as in free time. At the same time, there are more and more people who need to carry out effective, quick and price-worthy bike cleaning.

After enjoying a bike ride on any sort of surface, in fact, it might be less appealing but it's just as important to clean the bike properly. Cleaning a bike regularly helps the bike components live longer and reduces the need for maintenance. 

With particular attention towards these necessities, one of our clients has developed specific solutions for bike cleaning, using VMC components.

Thanks to the combined use of water and compressed air, provided by VMC's PACK SMART integrated systems, it is possible to clean a bike quickly keeping noise levels and water consumption low.

These solutions' main features are:

  • Portability, since they are light and compact
  • Reduced water consumption: water consumption is much lower than with traditional systems
  • Versatility: cleaning can be done outdoors and indoors