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VMC around the world

Thanks to its incredible drive towards innovation, VMC has been able to conquer the market worldwide


VMC has designed and developed solutions that have transformed the traditional compressor in an efficient and flexible work tool, functional and good-value, compact and with reduced environmental impact. It is thanks to its incredible drive towards innovation that, starting from Creazzo, in the province of Vicenza, VMC has been able to conquer the market worldwide, opening branches in China and in the US, with agencies and distributors in Turkey, Russia and South Korea. Europe remains still the main source of business with a sales volume equal to 64%, while in the Middle East VMC totals up 11% of its revenue, in the Far East also 11 %, in North America 5 %, in Russia 6%, South America 2% and in Australia 1%.

The company isn’t slowing down and actually is ready to grow even more, most of all in those markets considered as niches, maintaining and increasing its leadership in the countries that are considered more developed.

The 2017-2018 period will certainly be a turning point in terms of acquisitions and organic growth for VMC where the 2017 Hannover fair represents a crucial moment to widen the network of contacts and allowing at the same time to discover new products to those who already know the company.