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A revolution in the world of compressed air

100% Italian design and engineering. VMC ITALY will pursue its expansion abroad in 2016

Events 2015 – From Il Sole 24 Ore – December 21st 2015

Headquartered in Creazzo (VI), VMC ITALY has manufactured valves and air-ends for compressors since 19070s with 15 patents and branches in over 40 countries worldwide


Thanks to VMC’s technological solutions, the field of compressed air has gone through a total revolution turning the traditional screw compressor into a flexible, functional, compact, eco-sustainable and price-convenient tool.

In that North-east area, standing for capacity, productivity and innovation, VMC has engineered and manufactured valves and air-ends for compressors since 19070s, meeting the principle of component integration and achieving 15 patents that reveal  innovative strength, extensive know-how and expertise in the field. Accordingly, these peculiarities have allowed VMC to develop customized solutions, adopted in the most different applications by industries in over 40 countries worldwide, and be defined as “the Original One”.

“Besides our Headquarters in Creazzo (Vicenza), we avail ourselves of branches in China and the USA as well as agencies and distributors in Turkey, the Russian Federation and South Korea” explains the President and Founder Virgilio Mietto. “Engineering and design are wholly carried out in Italy alongside production and sales. Our Chinese plant carries out productive and commercial activities  whereas  our American branch is mainly busy with logistics and sales”.

Air-ends, minimum pressure valves, intake valves, combination blocks, thermostatic valves, namely products VMC is specialized in, are engineered and designed in Italy thanks to VMC ENGINEERING, the trademark identifying VMC’s leading and outstanding Research & Development department. Its team develop cutting-edge products as well as state-of-the-art, compact and safe solutions supported by sophisticated operative systems and avant-garde technologies that are synergically linked to a marked customer-care spirit. The latter is performed by qualified technicians and specialists from an engineering phase to product supply, from assembly through first testing up to after-sales care, which is promptly guaranteed by the company presence on international markets.

Accordingly, VMC’s innovation and outstanding  problem-solving capacity lead to foresee market challenges and ensure a steady company growth which in the last two years has registered an about 7% turnover increase.

“VMC is located all over the world” – underlines the President. “Taking into consideration VMC’s turnover in 2015, rising above 16 million euro, Europe represents 65% of the whole business, the Middle East 13%, the Far East  5%, North America 7%, the Russian Federation 5% like South America.  We think that the years 2016-2017 will be VMC’s turning-point in terms of acquisitions and brand expansion. Looking ahead, we have expansion plans that are being defined but will especially commit VMC to pursuing its objectives in the American area.  Anyhow, these plans will be ready by the end of the first semester 2016. Should any business opportunities come up in the meantime, our Group will not miss them, provided they are in tune with the company policies”.

VMC controls every traditional application of compressed air as well as special sectors, like the automotive and underhood applications, public transportation, power plants, pharmaceutical and food fields, offering a wide range of solutions.

Its hit product is PACKSMART, “a solution that has radically changed the compressed air world” Mietto affirms. This is “a highly sophisticated integrated system engineered and designed by VMC” the President explains – “aiming at guaranteeing the greatest performance with extremely reduced overall dimensions and assembly/maintenance-time,  the widest accessibility to machines, optimized logistics and a range of products from 2.2Kw to 7.5Kw (from 3 to 100hp). In other words, reliability, price-convenience and efficiency”.

Available in the basic as well as  direct-driven, gear version, PACKSMART addresses not only the industrial world but also special sectors and applications, like the automotive field, public transportation or biogas plants asking for more and more care for the environment, eco-sustainable technologies and energy saving.