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Advancing the future

VMC is the landmark brand in the field of compressed air. The only one that can embody its own identity with The Original One and a steady research in innovation pivoting on the motto Advancing the future. A leading position  conquered in over 30 years of success, always on the wave of the most cutting-edge and unrelenting innovation process, product and service, not only overcoming all the market challenges but also anticipating them.

Founded in Creazzo (VI) in the Italian North- east at the end of the 70s, VMC is still led
 by its founder Virgilio Mietto and his family, supported by an internationalization-oriented management. VMC designs and manufactures valves, air-ends and integrated solutions with an engineering excellence, technological sophistication and
 an all-encompassing customer care in order to increase its customer portfolio and their competitive edge. 
VMC has revolutionized the world of compressed air thanks to the perfect integration of components, turning the traditional concept of a screw compressor into a functional, compact, eco-sustainable, cost-effective and resiliten work tool.

Heritage of the best Hi-tech Italian design tradition. The heart of innovation is research&development where the excellence of human skills is supported by cutting-edge technological equipment to achieve a product of absolute quality. VMC is worldwide well-know by its customers for being a partner company, a strongly resilient, and problem-solving oriented speaker. 13 international patents are the best and the most solid proof of VMC's history technological strength. VMC pursues sustainable growth, as confirmed byt the environment and workers' health safeguard certifications. Being a worldwide leader doesn't only mean having a good organizational and commercial structure and different markets, but also a special aptitude for aftersales guidance and assistance, for a customer service with standards of excellence equal to the technological solutions offered. 


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