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Practiko UD, ideal solution for underhood & underdeck

An integrated oiling system for compressors even more compact. Lightness, minimum size and simplicity of installation


Made by VMC and specifically dedicated to the outfitting of commercial vehicles and utility vehicles, Practiko UD is an integrated air/oil separation system that is light and easy to install.
Its extreme compactness guarantees truly reduced dimensions and a low environmental impact.
Its excellent degree of air/oil pre-separation and the effective integration of its components make Practiko UD a unique product of its kind able to guarantee the best possible performance in all working conditions.
Practiko is available in two sizes; PRACTIKO 11 UD and PRACTIKO 36 UD and covers a range of compressors with air flow rates ranging from 1 m3 / min (35 cfm) to 4 m3 / min (140 cfm).
Subjected to rigorous inspection tests, Practiko series is ideal for numerous fields of application, and especially in cases where it is necessary to limit the height of overall dimensions and exploit space horizontally. It consists of a flange mounted laterally to a horizontal oil separator tank made in compliance with current standards, which houses a minimum pressure valve, a thermostatic valve and supports for separator and spin-on oil filter. The "intelligent" integration of all these elements allows a significant reduction in assembly times by the assembler as well as plant design costs and significantly simplified logistics management, while maintaining an excellent accessibility to all parts subject to maintenance.
Available in different versions (nipples for different filters and thermostatic valves at different temperatures), Practiko offers the market a product suitable for every type of need.
Main benefits of Practiko UD

Practiko UD’s main features can be summarized as follows:
• excellent patented air / oil pre-separation and effective hydraulic and pneumatic control;
• logistics management simplification, thanks to the ideal integration of components;
• minimum size, simplified accessibility and maintenance;
• reduced quantity of connections that ensure lower pressure drops and greater efficiency, cost savings in the construction of the set-up and low environmental impact.