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Large volumes of air for CAFS fire extinguishing systems with compressors equipped with Pack Smart technology

Thanks to the potentiality of VMC applied on CAFS systems, greater safety in extinguishing fires is guaranteed.
Indeed, with compressors equipped with VMC Pack Smart technology it is possible to produce large volumes of air in short time.
This allows to create the foam essential for extinguishing the fire and obtain the pressure necessary to create a foam jet long range to let the operator work safely.
The capacity of this system to remove oxygen from the fuel, which allows the extinguishing of the fire, will lead to much faster interventions that significantly increase the safety of the fire fighters.
However, this technology also has another key feature:  respect the environment because, thanks to the reduction in shutdown times, the release of the fumes into the atmosphere decreases.
In addition, the CAFS technology implemented with VMC air-ends uses much less water than all traditional systems.
The decrease of the water used leads to a reduction in the release of pollutants produced by the fire in the ground and surrounding atmosphere as well as in saving this precious resource.  
CAFS with VMC air-ends: more safety and greater respect for nature!