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Extreme compactness, top performances and reduced costs: PackSmart C Series

A wide range, upgraded to meet your compressed air needs

VMC presents PACKSMART C SERIES, the evolution of our screw compressor integrated systems, designed to meet your compressed air needs in all sorts of application fields.

PACKSMART C Series represents a compact, light and efficient solution and features modular single elements.

Reduced running costs, easy and quick maintenance, and an excellent degree of oil removal are features that make PackSmart embody an ideal solution for all those products in which high performances are required.

For VMC quality is a must and for this reason each PackSmart has always been subject to strict tests in order to guarantee maximum reliability and efficiency, in all safety.

Less is more

With PackSmart, reduction of costs and design times is ensured.

A single code for all the components that make up PackSmart

  • Air-end
  • Minimum pressure valve
  • Thermostatic valve
  • Intake valve
  • Tank separator
  • Safety valve


This means optimization of logistics for stock management, and therefore time and resource saving.


Another feature of PackSmart products is their reduced number of connections and tubes; all this entails fewer charge losses and energy saving.


Available in the following versions: on-off, proportional and hybrid.

PackSmart is a highly flexible and functional work tool, both for traditional applications of compressed air as well as for special sectors, like the automotive field, the underhood sector, public transport (trains, buses), energy plants, the pharmaceutical sector and the food and drug sector.

PackSmart C series is available in a wide range of models, with power from 2.2 to 75 kW.

New brochures and data sheets

With the launch of the new PackSmart C Series we have issued new data sheets, where you will find updated technical specs, main features and images of the new models.

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