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Ice Blasting

Cryogenic cleaning. This is how VMC guarantees the highest performance for this sector

More efficient and faster cryogenic cleaning thanks to the air-end for VMC compressors. VMC provides the basic elements for the best performing screw compressors to be installed on dry ice cleaners for cryogenic cleaning, the cutting-edge technology for cleaning delicate surfaces in the absence of water and detergent. In fact, only frozen CO2 and compressed air are used.

This innovative cleaning technique is spreading in various industrial and artisan sectors because it has a low environmental impact compared to traditional systems, is less invasive and does not damage the treated surfaces.

Thanks to the combined action of CO2 and compressed air, dirt contracts and detaches from the surface to be cleaned quickly and easily.

Also in the field of cryogenic cleaning, VMC guarantees very high performance for its high-tech components, designed to be efficient and able to provide all the power needed for every need.