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Pneumatic Bursting Pipe

VMC develops the perfect solutions for the sewer industry

VMC develops cutting-edge solutions to support multiple sectors of intervention, even the most complex, such as the sewer industry.

In fact, the company supplies Pack Smart technology for Bursting Pipe machinery, the installation method that is used to repair or replace existing pipes.

How does it work? Following the path of the users already in place, a new section of pipe is insert inside an existing pipe.

This reduces considerably the risk of damaging other services and reduces the excavation required with the traditional replacement method by up to 85%.

With the use of Bursting Pipe equipment, equipped with VMC Pack Smart integrated systems, the large volumes of compressed air that these applications require will always be guaranteed.

This method serves to replace or increase the transport capacity of old water, gas and sewage pipelines in order to support the growing needs of urban areas.

Innovative solution also possible thanks to VMC's expertise, always attentive to the most complex and specific needs.