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Automotive, public transport and compressors for gas and biogas

Thanks to the wide range of solutions, VMC takes care of the traditional fields of application of compressed air and also special application fields like automotive, underhood and underbody, public transport, energy plants, food and drug, biogas and natural gas systems and water-lubricated systems.

It complies perfectly with all the requirements defined by Mass Transit Authorities and to the most advanced standards of quality and safety of carmakers. Pack Smart integrates easily in existing machines thanks to the support of the staff of VMC Engineering which is available to customers during all the phases of optimization.

The trend of achieving increasingly compact and lighter, cleaner, silent and environment-friendly cars, trains, buses, underground systems, etc, makes VMC’s “PACK SMART” air-end the most performing solution of the field.

It is an extremely hi tech integrated system designed by VMC to guarantee top performances with extremely reduced sizes, assembling times and maintenance, maximum accessibility to the machine, optimized logistics and a series that ranges from 3 to 100 hp.

Perfect for compressed air fuelling of the braking system, door opening, pneumatic suspensions, service compressed air, etc.