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Compressed air for construction

key element for transporting plasters and similar materials

Our integrated systems are the beating heart of machines designed for the building sector, specifically pumping, transporting and spraying plasters, mixtures and concrete.

Specific applications of the wide field of building are manifold, for example:

  • Traditional plasters and ready-mix dry ones
  • Insulating and fireproofing mortars,
  • Thixotropic mortar
  • Monocoat mortar
  • Rendering
  • Concrete repair
  • Micropiling
  • Casting restoration
  • Grouting
  • Self-levelling floor screeds

An example – already put into practice by our clients – is the transportation of structural material using screw compressors with a pumping unit made up by VMC integrated systems.

Spraying is possible with diverse materials and techniques, for example:

  • Traditional and ready-mix plaster spraying
  • Thixotropic products
  • Mortar pumping
  • Controlled pressure consolidation injections
  • Waterproofing products
  • Joint filling




Versatile components for mortar specialists

VMC products are designed to meet the most different needs and applications.

One of the strengths of our products is the possibility to use them to work in heavy duty cycle, in professional contexts where high performances – power, robustness and reliability – are essential requirements.

PACK SMART is the ideal solution chosen by some among the specialists in the field of pumping and spraying plasters, self-levelling floor screeds, concrete and shotcrete.

We have dedicated a post to floor screed laying and conveying (click here to read it http://www.vmcitaly.com/en/news/news_detail-art-vmc_soluzioni_per_compressori_per_l_edilizia-articolo-110.html), so we thought we would talk about traditional and ready-mix plasters and shotcrete to know more about this field.





Traditional and ready-mix plasters with Compressed air – Shotcrete


Machinery for plaster and shotcrete spraying requires compressed air energy to function.

VMC components are a dependable component for machines designed for shotcrete conveying and spraying.




There are two main procedures for shotcrete spraying.

The first one is the dry shotcrete method, in which the dry mixture is made up by  a mix of dry material, and a binder, and water is added only in the nozzle  while in the second method – the wet-mix shotcrete method, more widely used, water is already contained in the mixture.

Conveying of the mix in the nozzle can be carried out mainly in two different ways:

  • The mixture through a mechanical pump
  • The mixture is injected through a pneumatic pump



In both cases compressed air is necessary in the nozzle to mix and convey the material.