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Product News

Practiko 10UD
Product News
Targeting the special sector "Under hood", VMC has developed PRACTIKO 10UD
VMC specialties
Product News
VMC's specialties target special sectors where compressed air is applied
RB series: the new intake valves
Product News
VMC has developed a new range of intake valves for rotary screw compressors from 22 to 400KW. A sophisticated synthesis indisputably marked by a Design MADE in ITALY.The new range represents the kernel of an expertise of close contact with our customers for over 20 years as well as our knowledge of a rotative compressor. Development has been supported by cutting-edge software, like the FEM system for the analysis of finished components.
Oil-injected air-ends
Product News
To be the number One means to offer innovative solutions for successful profiles day by day. With this belief, VMC has engineered a new line of air-ends, an extraordinary synthesis of a decennial experience in the field of precision mechanics, our technicians' steady research, deep know-how on valves and the whole system of a machine, service and care for our customers together with passion for projects implementing our work daily.
Integrated systems: air-end + VTDM
Product News
This series comprises: V90-VTDM, V110-VTDM, V130-VTDM, V140-VTDM, V150-VTDM